Inclement Weather Policy

In the interest of “safety first,” it is best to err on the side of caution when facing any situation that may make travel to an appointment hazardous.

In order to provide a seamless solution to this problem, “in person” sessions will be easily switched to “phone sessions” when necessary. This strategy eliminates any “chance factor” regarding travel, while also allowing for continuity of care.

The procedure will be as follows:

1) When there is little or no question that travel will be hazardous, I will post a message on my social media outlets that will state “Phone Sessions Only Today.”

2) When conditions are questionable, Clients and Patients will have the option to either attend “in person” or via phone. I ask only that I be informed the evening or morning prior if the phone session option has been chosen.

3) When a phone session is the option, please find a private and comfortable location and then dial 717.417.6932 at the exact start time of the appointment. If I do not answer at first, please call again in a few minutes.

4) The fee for phone sessions remains the same and may be mailed or dropped off in the payment box once the weather incident or situation has resolved. Those attending weekly are welcome to wait until the next session to submit a double payment.

It is my hope that this policy will provide a clear and easy solution to the question of safety. When in doubt, we can simply do a phone session. Please keep in mind that this will only need to happen a few times per year, and while “in person” sessions are optimal, research has shown that phone sessions can be equally as effective, especially when used only on an occasional basis.