The human saga can be summarized most succinctly as a “Quest for Truth.” 

Truth of existence. Truth of purpose. Truth of direction. Truth of outcome. 

We all want to know why we are here, what we are meant to be doing, where we are supposed to be going, and what it is all meant to accomplish, and ultimately, MEAN?

Many religious and philosophical teachers have come in order to address these human longings, these quintessential questions that lie within the depths of our consciousness; and when these teachings are studied comparatively we discover that they are all pointing to one and the same Truth. 

In Buddhism, we encounter the Four Noble Truths of:

1) Suffering
2) The Cause of Suffering
3) The End of Suffering, and
4) The Path to the Cessation of Suffering

In Christianity, Jesus answers Pilate by revealing that he had “come to bear witness to the Truth,” to which Pilate responds mockingly with his now infamous “Quid est Veritas” (What is Truth)?

Pilate truly did not know. 

Jesus, Buddha, and the other world teachers DID (and some today still do). 

And yet, the world continues to suffer as humans argue and make war in defense of the delusions that have become their many versions of ‘False Truth.’ Some even go so far as to state that there really is no such thing as Truth. Everything is simply random, and only chaos rules. 

It is indeed TRUE that only chaos and randomness can result from views such as these, and for as long as humanity ‘kicks and screams’ against the ONE REALITY, we will not know the joy and peace that TRUTH affords. 

There is really (truly, ultimately) only one choice that each of us is called to make in life, and this is the choice between Reality or Un-reality, represented via concepts such as Heaven or Hell, Self or Ego, Love or Fear, etc. This choice determines the trajectory of our lives, the relationships we will attract, and the world we will construct around us. 

Unfortunately (for now), more have chosen the ‘illusion of delusion,’ which is why we are collectively where we are currently: slaves to a material universe, and captives of space and time. 

Fortunately, there is a better way, and a brighter path forward that is always available to us. Surprisingly, this choice is quite natural, surprisingly simple, and fully attainable. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! 

God did not create us to become bewildered, confused, and destructive beings reaping havoc upon the earth. God created us to live in peace, harmony, and LOVE with nature and one another. It is we who decided to create a material world dominated by space and time. It is we who have chosen to live as bodies and egos, and not as the “Spiritual Souls” we truly are. 

However, when we commit to live a more spiritual life in direct communion with God, we become less and less delusional within this material paradigm. Life takes on new meaning and purpose, and we realize who we truly ARE.

In this way, the spiritual path is less about becoming something other, and more about uncovering who and what we always have been, but have yet been unable to fully realize. Michelangelo expressed this wonderfully when he said that he “simply released the figure that was hidden within the block of stone.”

GOD with and within us is TRUTH. Everything REAL flows from there, and anything not, IS NOT. 

Centered within this REALITY, we “live and move and have our being” in the TRUTH, which is GOD, whom we know as LOVE.

(Mic Drop)

Dr. Mik


Sitting quietly and peacefully in nature, my consciousness connects with the ALIVENESS that surrounds me.

The sun is shining, warmth is penetrating, colors are reflecting, a gentle breeze is blowing, water is flowing . . .

A squirrel is foraging, a bird is singing, a chipmunk chirping. Fish are swimming, a frog is jumping, leaves are waving, tree branches swaying . . .

I could go on and on.

Our world is no doubt a MIRACLE unfolding before our very eyes, as we also miraculously “live and move and have our being” within it. This is especially important to remember in times of upheaval, struggle, and change: Creation remains.

I therefore encourage you, dear reader, to find moments like these, and when you do, I ask you to make note of the fact that while the word ‘earth’ may be a noun, in vivo it is most assuredly a VERB.

Shining, penetrating, reflecting, flowing, blowing . . .

Foraging, singing, chirping, swimming, jumping, waving, swaying . . .

If I had to name the overall sense that I experience in nature, it would be the force and energy of EMERGENCE. Even beyond its previously identified cycles, there is the overall perception that there is an ever present potential and purpose within all creation.

Astrophysicists now tell us that time and space are in a constant state of flux, traveling, if you will, towards somewhere and/or something. Consequently, from the moment of its inception (if there ever was such a time) our Universe has been expanding, evolving, and EMERGING.

We can find great comfort in this scientific law, philosophical reality, and theological truth. The knowledge and understanding that it is not ‘all for naught,’ but that there is great purpose in all that is unfolding is key to our ability to remain balanced and focused within the fear and pain of our current ‘re-birthing process.’

That said, there is an additional component to EMERGENCE that is essential to our current experience. I have often said that “If we wish to render our world a ‘New Creation,’ we must first begin by helping individuals to become ‘new creations.’” What I mean here is that our collective process is dependent upon millions of individual sub-processes.

Therefore, it is within the freewill and responsibility of each and every one of us to make a willful decision to cultivate our own EMERGENCE. We do this via a process known as Conscious Evolution.

Until more recent times, human evolution was more happenstance and ‘at the mercy of’ the environment. However, a very important shift occurred where humans came to realize that we are actually capable of intentionally and actively contributing to our growth and development as a species and society.

We have crossed the threshold from Homo Sapiens to Homo Evolutis, meaning that our consciousness has risen to the point that we can begin to make better choices and develop healthier attitudes and approaches towards development and sustainability.

Each of us has therefore become both ‘the lock and the key.’ WE are the ‘ones we have been waiting for.’ Hence, we must now strike a balance between faith and personal responsibility, reliance upon God and acceptance of human accountability.

And what are we to co-create with God? Perhaps we can begin with world peace, then universal love & compassion, and ultimately a sustainable world where technology serves only to ease our burdens as we return once again to nature.

For greater detail about this path and process, please follow this link:


Be Well!

Dr. Mik


We watch now as humanity continues to struggle within the ‘delusion of duality.’ The battle between ‘this’ or ‘that.’ The clash of my -ology verses your -ism. The war between ‘us’ and ‘them.’

This “duality delusion” polarizes and divides, leading ultimately to erosion and entropy; and it is this cycle that has been repeating again and again through time on earth. Fleeting moments of peace and harmony between wars, and brief times of great intellectual and spiritual gain between the rise and fall of empires.

So what do I mean by this term ‘duality delusion?’ What is it that I wish to convey with this alliteration.

Simply put, the ‘duality delusion’ is the tendency to become trapped in paradox where ‘this’ is opposed to ‘that,’ and where the world and universe are seen constantly through a lens that highlights differences in opposition.

In psychology we refer to this as “black or white” or “all or nothing” thinking, and those who are entangled in this way of seeing the world often struggle significantly. Nothing can ever be ‘black’ or ‘white’ enough, and grey just does not satisfy.

And yet grey IS actually the solution, for healing is found in the balance. Somewhere between the left and right wings lies the heart of TRUTH. Here, we encounter a law known as EQUILIBRIUM, a state at which opposing forces are met in stability and sustainability.

In mathematics, this is the factor of Phi, derived from the Fibonacci Sequence, which reveals the presence of symmetry and balance within all created things.

In medicine, this factor of EQUILIBRIUM is captured with the term homeostasis, which refers to the balancing of the many chemical and biological processes that enable us to experience health and wellbeing.

Also, from medicine, we are discovering how the human body is actually a microbiome, that is, a host to billions of microbial forms that are crucial to our survival. We are also hearing a great deal recently about how immunity is actually reliant upon our continual interaction with the external microbial kingdom.

The truth is that the law of EQUILLIBRIUM is everywhere, revealing the Divine Presence in all Creation, enabling us to achieve and maintain “balance in all things,” and paving the way for a sustainable future.

Current systems are NOT sustainable, which is why they are breaking down. Having run the gamut of their extreme expressions, they have lost perspective, and are erupting into conflict and chaos.

Some may remember that the word used for the first attempts at racial healing in America was the word INTEGRATION, which refers to the blending of unique constituents in order to create a comprehensive and ultimately better outcome. This word and concept continues to speak to us today.

For example, in Integrated Psychology we approach each individual as a unique person of varying attributes and life experiences. We then evolve the treatment accordingly by drawing from theories and interventions from the whole of psychological science, and even from beyond psychology.

We are therefore not tied to only one school or method within psychology, but instead we seek training and expertise in multiple modalities so as to be able to customize each and every individual treatment. We do not fit the patient to the treatment, but fit the treatment to the patient. This is also true of what is practiced in Integrative Medicine.

Imagine what might be possible if this ‘integrative mindset’ would enter into other realms of human knowledge?

How wonderful it could be if ALL PERSONS began to open their minds to multiple dimensional possibilities and capabilities, where differences would become strengths, and diversity the path to innovation and greatness.  

Friends, this is what is unfolding right now before our very eyes. The fires of conflict are transmuting polarity, and pushing us towards integration, and an eventual sustainable equilibrium. Our hope is that critical mass has been reached, and that the process of transformation promised us in this new millennium is unfolding right here, right now.

This brings me to the practical application of this article. To this point, you have read my references to philosophy, physics, and psychology about the theoretical nature of current events. Let us now consider what all of this means where the “rubber meets the road.”

The first point I would say that emerges from a practical standpoint is that we want to be careful that we are not ourselves operating within the ‘duality delusion.’ Have we taken an extreme left or right position that might be clouding our judgment regarding contrary information or opinion?

If so, then let us be called back to balance. let us open our minds and hearts to be able to hear, understand, and empathize with the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of others.

We might learn a thing or two.

The second practical application would be for us to continue to practice equilibrium as a ‘way of life.’ Let us assess our lives and identify where we may not be experiencing optimal homeostasis, and let us make adjustments accordingly, body, mind, and Soul.

And lastly, our study of equilibrium can bring us to a place of deeper understanding of all that is unfolding in this, our year of “20/20 vision,” where the lens is focusing in on deep systemic problems that have been plaguing humanity for centuries.

2020 does not have to go down in history as the most horrible year in our lifetimes. We may choose instead to see it as a turning point in history, the ushering in of a new era of human healing and enlightenment, paving the way for incredible advances in science, religion, human relations, and collective illumination.

As the British say, “mark me” on this: This time will prove to be one of the most important positive transitions in human history.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik


The human saga has unfortunately been a repetitive cycle of bondage leading to uprisings and Declarations of Independence.

Societies take form, leaders emerge, and power differentials are established. This power then progressively grows on the side of the “ruling elite” while everyday citizens are ‘stretched to their limits’ for their sustenance and sanity.

Eventually, the people reach their breaking point and ‘enough is enough.’ New societies are born, and the cycle then repeats again, and again, and again.

Read any history of the world and tell me this is not completely evident.

And so I ask:

  • How many times must we see the repetition until we realize that something is inherently wrong with our way of proceeding?
  • When might humanity evolve to the point where we can understand the illusions of duality and separation?
  • And how is it that such an ‘advanced’ civilization as we believe ourselves to be would still maintain the “systemic oppression” of its citizens?

My answers are thus:

  • It has already been far too many repetitions, and far too many lives have been ruined and lost in the “will to power.” The time is NOW!
  • We really ought to already be there, and there is no excuse for not getting there.
  • Until we dismantle oppression, we have no right to think of ourselves as ‘advanced’ in any way, shape, or form.

We must realize NOW that the duality of our systems is destructive, and there is no such thing as separation between us. We are all Souls living in bodies that have minds. Our color is LIGHT, and our culture is the family of God.

Diversity is our gift, and freedom of expression our birthright.

To “live, and move, and have our BEING.”

To think, will, and do that which is right and just.

To BE well, and to DO good.

This “Spiritual-Realignment” is happening even now as we enter this next “Evolution” of personal and collective “Independence.” And so, American Independence now speaks as a beacon for World Independence, founded upon the sovereignty of God AS WELL AS EVERY individual child of God.

“WE hold these TRUTHS to be SELF-EVIDENT that ALL . . .”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik



As our “Spiritual Re-alignment,” World War III,” and “The New Normal” (see posts below) continue to unfold, I cannot help but feel an inner sense of PEACE, knowing that all that we are currently engaged in is part of an accelerated human EVOLUTION.

I am reminded of the scripture from the Christian tradition that assures us that, “All things work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are called according to God’s purpose (Romans 8:28),” and I KNOW that there are many people (Jews, Christians, Muslims, et al.) on earth today who do indeed love God, and who are therefore “called according to God’s purpose.”

I also KNOW that EVOLUTION moves in a positive direction (in contrast to Devolution), so that seeming negative events can often be part of a greater positive outcome. Remember that the caterpillar must first enter the darkness and confinement of the cocoon if it ever hopes to become a butterfly, and it must also endure the struggle and pain of the emergence therefrom if it ever hopes to fly free.

Struggles yield advances.

Problems become opportunities.

Challenges foster growth.

Racism must indeed end, as must hatred and violence, if humanity wishes to fulfill its higher purpose. All people created in the image and likeness of God, all deserving of love and respect, all destined for GREATNESS.

We are better than this.

Nature is warning us, knowledge is awakening us, and wisdom desires to guide us towards a “new Heaven and a new Earth.” We are each to become a “New Creation.”


Dear friends, let us not allow those who have given in to depravity confuse or mis-lead us. Let us remember that peaceful protesters are GOOD people who feel and care enough to want to do something about wrongs and injustices. They seek EVOLUTION.

Sideliners (such as myself) can also make their contributions in their own unique ways. We all have certain talents, gifts, and abilities that can be applied to our collective EVOLUTION. Let us ALL contribute.

I find myself saying often in sessions that, “If it were not for ‘praying Grandma’s’ we would all be in deep trouble!”

I close this post with the following considerations:

“In everything there is purpose, in each “happening” a new opportunity, and in every “encounter” a new possibility.”

“Just as the Renaissance emerged from the Dark Ages, so shall a New Consciousness rise out of this Age of Materialism.”

“We were created in LOVE, to be LOVED, and to share LOVE. This is our common purpose, our eternal essence, and our ultimate destination. Let LOVE reign today, and everyday!”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

The New Normal?

As we continue to progress forward through “Pandemic 2020,” we are hearing many people expressing a desire to just “get back to normal.” We can certainly understand this sentiment and what it represents. Folks are simply hoping to be able to regain some semblance of control over their lives and proceed with their usual occupations, and recreations.

However, there are also many people who are considering what this pandemic has attempted to teach us, and what changes may be in order in light of it. For some, the virus has presented a stark “wake up call” for humanity to stop and reassess what actually is ‘normal’ after all.

When we consider the concept of “normal,” we discover that it has been quite subjective and varied over the course of human history. For example, it was once considered normal to believe that the Universe revolved around the earth, and that the earth was itself flat. People who challenged this ‘status quo’ often paid with their lives.

More recently, we might call to mind how people once thought it ‘normal’ to smoke cigarettes, and how this is now changing in the minds of the population. Likewise, we are now questioning other ‘normal’ views regarding our health and wellbeing such as pesticides, additives, pollution, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Consequently, “normal” seems to be a moving target that is based upon temporal societal norms that, when assessed in hindsight, may actually come to be understood as quite abnormal.

Hence, we are obliged to question further: What else that is currently accepted as normal might later be proven to be harmful and/or mis-guided?

For example:

Is it ‘normal’ for humans to spend hours upon hours interacting with computerized “gadgets?”

Is it ‘normal’ to witness multiple acts of televised violence in the space of an hour, and to call it “entertainment?”

Is it ‘normal’ to pay athletes, entertainers, and CEOs millions, or for any one individual to possess and hold billions?

Is it ‘normal’ for people to live under the constant pressure of political polarization and the imminent fear of economic collapse?

This way of thinking can also be thought-forward:

Will it be ‘normal’ to allow the current hyper-materialistic trends in humanity to continue?

Will it be normal to continue to genetically modify foods, clone humans, and plan to create a digitized humanity?

Will it be ‘normal’ to allow governments to force us to receive DNA altering immunizations?

Will it be ‘normal’ to accept electronic implants into our bodies that will store our personal data and monitor our every function and action?

One grace that has been made possible for us through this Pandemic is that it has afforded us the opportunity to STOP and RE-ASSESS the directions we are taking as individuals and as a collective society. Many are reporting that this dynamic has caused them to “level-up’ consciously, and to consider all aspects of their lives in light of deeper purpose and higher meaning.

Perhaps ‘normal’ is not so ‘normal’ after all? (Let me assure you: It isn’t!)

Dear friends, my greatest concern at the present moment is that as things begin to return to ‘normal,’ people are going to quickly forget the insights and understandings they gained during the crisis. I am troubled by the possibility that the majority of us will be swept into the continuation of the ‘present madness’ under the guise of a “return to normal.”

We also need to be watchful and diligent regarding what THEY are going to try to propose (and sell) to us as the “New Normal.”

Personally, I propose this:

A slower and more relaxed pace
Balance with electronics
Holistics, Organics, and Naturopathics
More time with family and deepening relationships
Working and playing in nature
Imagination and creativity
De-cluttering and simplifying
Unity and compassion
Eating healthy and exercising
Self-sufficiency and independence
Praying, meditating, and reading
Love and kindness
Spending less and saving more
Thinking critically and questioning ‘authority’

I pray these learnings will not be lost so the lesson does not need to be repeated (and intensified). May we all emerge from this experience better than who we were before, and fully prepared to build upon the insights gained.

NOW is the time, and THIS is the “wake-up” call.

“Those who will not learn from history will be destined to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~ Pema Chödrön

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

World War III?

I would like to begin this post with heartfelt condolences to any and all who have been affected by the current situation. While I am about to write about an ultimately positive outlook on the crisis, I have no intention or desire to downplay the pain, suffering, and loss that many are experiencing currently. I myself have not gone unscathed.

That said, I know of no better way to face such time as this than with strength, fortitude, and RESILIENCE. This does not mean that we do not honor our authentic feelings (fear, sadness, confusion), but that once honored, we turn them into fuel for the fire of our survival.

In this light, I offer the following:

Conspiracy theories and doomsday sensationalism aside, I would like to consider that World War III is upon us.

Not in the way people have thought or predicted, that is, a war of all nations against one another. Instead, we find ourselves engaged in a war involving all nations against an invisible microbial enemy that we have labeled COVID-19.

While many arguments could be rendered that we have brought this upon ourselves via our tinkering with nature, now is not the time for the “blame game,” or to be hyper critical of those who are doing their absolute best to guide us through.

As CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield has said, “The virus will be with us.”

Therefore, however it may have come about, it is here, and we are destined to have to deal with it physically, mentally, and spiritually as individuals, and as a collective society.

Regarding the latter, I wish to highlight something that has inspired great hope within my own heart in light of this crisis:

Humanity is RISING.

While it is true that we are going to witness many people behaving poorly in reaction to their fear, we are also going to witness an unprecedented UNITY evolving between all people united against a common enemy. This is a “GRACE under pressure.”

We are actually seeing more people working to be their absolute best selves in the midst of this hardship. Dignity and compassion are becoming more regular, and kindness and civility are becoming the “new norm.”

Let us pray that this will hold in the coming months as the fallout continues and intensifies, and may we not quickly forget the lessons we are learning during this evolution. May our awakening to our shared humanness and need for continued UNITY persist, so that no further lessons will be needed.

And so, the reader may ask, “What can I do in the midst of this challenge?” “How can I honor and be my “best self” in these times?

First, I would encourage that we all focus first upon GROUNDING and CENTERING ourselves in that one of the first things that happens when a person encounters danger is a loss of cognitive function due to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (Fight, Flight, Freeze). This is experienced mentally and emotionally as a sensation of disconnect that people often describe as “confusion,” “spinning,” and/or even “dizziness.”

We are therefore encouraged to learn methods of activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which balances and regulates sympathetic arousal. This can be accomplished via numerous exercises inspired by both science and spirituality, and I have developed this resource that I consider to contain the “Top Four” methods psychology currently has to offer:

Parasympathetic Response: The Big Four

Second, I believe now is time that we are called to “rise to the occasion.” Rather than sit in fear, or lament the inconveniences, now is the time to “step up” and do our part. When we do this, we resist the tendency towards isolation, and we are able to ward off depressive thoughts and feelings.

Let us all therefore consider all that we CAN do currently. Some will find themselves on the “front lines” of the crisis providing healthcare and/or leadership. Others may work more “behind the scenes” to assist in our efforts to all survive through and thrive within the pandemic.

It is encouraging to note here that EVERY job is equally important, and no-one is better than another. The virus does not discriminate, and neither ought we if we hope to win this war.

Lastly, I want to emphasize the importance of “Self Care” during these times. If we hope to be able to assist our families, communities, and world, we must first ensure our own health and wellbeing. Another resource is provided here:

Self-Care Strategies

Together, we are better than this malignant microbial mutation, and united we will prove to be stronger, and better because of it. We will face this enemy with INTEGRITY and RESOLVE, and we will WIN.

And let our highest hope be that this will truly be:

The war that ends all wars.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

Spiritual Re-Alignment

Life on earth as we have known it has been significantly disrupted, and we find ourselves living what was once only the stuff of speculations and entertainments. Surely, we never believed it could actually happen in our own lifetimes? It was all supposed to happen at . . . sometime in the . . . future. Right?

At the onset of the current pandemic I found myself spontaneously referring to it as an ‘evolution’ and ‘realignment.’ I have also been guilty of throwing the word ‘spiritual’ into the mix. 🙂

Now, please do not misunderstand me here. In no way do I find any kind of pleasure or satisfaction in suffering, and I admit that my first question to God is going to be:

“What were you thinking?!?”

But then I remind myself that it is WE who have played the major role in turning things in the direction they have gone. It is WE who have taken advantage of and damaged the earth. WE are the ones who have imperfectly altered the perfect design.

And yet still, I persist in my belief that this is all a part of a Divine Plan that will have an (ultimately) happy ending that we will ourselves (with God) co-create (see Teleology). While we may not understand or agree with the design now, all will one day be revealed and understood.

What then are we to be doing within this current crisis? How can we respond in a consciously enlightened way?

About ten years ago I developed a matrix I call CREATE-YOU:

Care for your body with breath, diet, exercise, and professional care.
Renew your mind by working with a Coach, Counselor, or Therapist.
Empower your Soul via personal spiritual beliefs and practices.
Activate your higher potentials and optimize your life dynamics.
Take charge of your life and create the future you desire.
Engage fully the incredible gift of life and the beauty of all Creation.

Yearn for the healing of humanity and the restoration of the Earth.
Organize a plan to become a “change agent” in our world.
Unleash the power of YOU and encourage others to do the same!

I originally developed this matrix to serve as an overall guide to living well in and for our world, but I believe it also speaks to living through this present re-alignment. In CREATE we have a plan to guide us through the current crisis, and in YOU we have a responsible response to it. I believe it can therefore serve as a guide through and beyond the pandemic, and I pray each of you might take it to heart and enact it fully.

Please do stay HEALTY, POSITIVE, and STRONG, trusting that all that is taking place has the potential to ultimately heal our collective humanity and our world. May we learn our lessons quickly and completely, so that we might bring an end to pain, suffering, and loss.

Let our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and our sincere gratitude be upon all healthcare and public service personnel.

Now, please STAY HOME and CREATE-YOU.  🙂

Be Well!

Dr. Mik


As you read the title of this article, I am curious if you may have seen the word “theology” instead of “teleology?” (Feel free to go back and have another look. I’ll wait. 🙂 )

This is, in fact, what occurred for me the first time I encountered this word during my undergraduate studies. Once I caught the difference my next thought was that it must have been a typographical error, that is, a misspelling of the word “theology.”

I am thankful that my experience with this word did not end there, for I would have missed the opportunity to have discovered a word and concept that literally transformed, and dare I say, saved my life.

What I refer to here is a time in my life when Weltschmerz was beginning to take hold in my mind and was threatening to become my dominant worldview. Weltschmerz is a German word with no direct English equivalent that describes an experience of the world (Welt) that causes us to suffer pain (Schmerz). What it represents is a sense of dismay, and even despair over the condition of the world, and more specifically her human inhabitants.

Wars, greed, hunger, suffering, etc. can weigh quite heavily upon those of us who have permitted empathy to remain, and there are times when it can all become exceedingly overwhelming.


This life altering word from the Greek is comprised of the root words telos (end, goal, purpose) and logos (reason, explanation). Combined, these words form a complex word that refers to the idea that there is “meaning and purpose” in the world and universe, that is, that something is evolving from the chaotic stream we often perceive, and significantly grieve.

Modern science is itself teleological in its method, and it is also proving the concept itself to be a reality. Astrophysicists now agree that our universe is expanding, and that our world, solar system, and galaxy are actually along for the ride. The biological concepts of vitalism and emergentism are also supportive of teleology.

Now, while all of this philosophy and science are well and good, the real value of any word and concept lies ultimately in its functionality in our lives. In this way Teleology does not disappoint.

In the midst of our current ideological duality, political turmoil, and social upheaval it is easy for pessimism to set in. Humanity seems to be on a crash course with imminent self-destruction, and it is no wonder that we see people all around us “checking out” with mind altering substances and technologies.

However, there is another way to view all that is currently taking place in our world.

What if everything is exactly how it needs to be right now? What if all that is happening is necessary to the teleological unfoldment of humanity in an ultimately positive direction? What if a “new consciousness” were to be individually and collectively evolving in response to the current delusions and insanity?

For a growing number of people living today these “what ifs” are actually “as ifs,” meaning that we do indeed believe these statements to constitute the reality of what we are experiencing in our modern world. While the picture is currently rather dark and grim, the destination and outcome is much brighter.

A friend of mine was complaining the other day about how social media now makes everything going on in our world immediately accessible. His argument was that people in the past did not know instantly about the various happenings across continents, and they were therefore much happier.

In that moment I thought of teleology, and I said, “You know, maybe we need to keep seeing it until we have finally seen enough, and decide collectively that it all needs to change – drastically!”

I pray that we might all continue to recognize all that is going wrong in our world, so that we might continue to work together to make it right. In the meantime, my hope is that we might be comforted by the concept of teleology, knowing that “all things work together for good,” and that victory lies ahead for those who will recognize that “LOVE is the true theory of everything.”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik


As much as we may attempt to deny it, conceal it, self-medicate it, or distract ourselves from it, we might all do well to just admit it:

We are frightened and afraid.

This radical world of ours can sometimes be a very terrifying place to be, especially during times of severe unrest and upheaval. Random violence is fast becoming the norm, and places that were once recognized as “off limits” (schools, hospitals, places of worship) are no longer so. Our safety and security seem to now be capable of “turning on a dime” anytime; anywhere.

In psychology these times are being referred to as the “Age of Trauma,” and anxiety and depression are being diagnosed at an unprecedented rate. In an age of material advancements and comforts, minds are still suffering significantly, and humanity still has quite far to go before we transcend our still primitive and violent natures.

However, there is a “silver lining” here, dear Friends. I will tell you that what seems to be a direct collision course with disaster is actually a necessary transition towards a new human awakening. Conditions that are seeming deteriorations are actually setting the stage for a new consciousness where fear will reign no more.

However, while this is all underway we still have many casualties to attend to, and we need a current means of managing and healing worry, anxiety, and the stress response.

F.E.A.R. as an acronym has been defined as “Forget Everything And Run,” and this is actually a scientifically correct account of what actually happens during the human stress (fear) response. An area of the brain known as the amygdala activates, while the area involved in executive function (the pre-frontal cortex) becomes less active. The result is typically mental confusion and a “fight or flight” reaction.

An understanding of these dynamics leads to a different acronym for F.E.A.R., that being “Face Everything And Respond.” Here, we are capable of being trained to manage fear and the stress response differently. We learn to regulate amygdala dominance and keep our pre-frontal cortex engaged.

How we do this can be illustrated with another F.E.A.R. acronym. We master fear via:

Faith, Encouragement, Actualization, Resilience.

Faith can be applied as a reliance upon a higher source of power, as well as trust in our own innate capabilities.

Encouragement refers to the building up of ourselves and one another so as to foster confidence in the face of challenges.

Actualization considers how we can “come into our own” and emerge as  “forces to be reckoned with.”

Resilience is our ability to “dig deep” and “grit it out” through “thick and thin.”

I have combined these three acronym versions into a F.E.A.R. Matrix (see accompanying meme) to guide us in taking a new approach to fear in our lives and in our world. I pray we will consider it, memorize it, apply it, and live it in our daily lives.

I close with three sayings that address fear from a philosophical as well as practical perspective. I will leave the individual reader to decipher and apply them as each is inspired:

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” ~ Paul the Apostle

“I want nothing, I fear nothing, I am free.” ~ Nikos Kazantzakis

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Be Well!

Dr. Mik