Some of you may recall a song that was popular several years ago called “Beautiful,” by James Blunt? I will never forget the first time I heard the song and his statement, “My life is brilliant . . .”. I will also never forget how my first reaction was, “Well, aren’t you special!” LOL

However, after sitting with this idea for a time I realized that the singer was truly “on to” something with this concept. I realized that he was not using the word brilliant in praise of his own intelligence or awesomeness, but that he was actually pointing to his realization of the beauty and radiance that was his life.

Each and every life is itself inherently brilliant.

Pray, Meditate, Think, and Feel (PMTF) for a moment upon the amazing privilege it is to be a Soul living within a body that has a mind. What a miracle it is to see, hear, taste, smell, feel, and sense (intuit). What an incredible gift it is to have been granted consciousness and the free will (personal responsibility) to command and direct your life according to conscience.

A brilliant Creator has placed its same brilliance within you.

There are times when we simply stand in awe of it, and no thoughts or words can capture the feeling of amazement and gratitude that are present within that moment that penetrates itself. I like to call it the “Zero-point” where time stands still and the “tension of opposites” ceases to exist.

It is within moments like these that we experience the deepest truth of our existence and the source of and extent of our power. Self-criticism yields to a glimpse of self-awareness, and Self-consciousness touches upon pure consciousness.

And then, we forget, again.

The GOAL, my friends, is to never again forget!

May we learn to “let our Lights shine” so that we might always remember who and what we truly are, where we come from, and where we can go if we will only have faith in the brilliance that moves around and within us. May each and every moment welcome the purest truth and experience of all that is good, wholesome, and beautiful.

Let us embrace and enact a Psychology of Brilliance, a Philosophy of Truth, and a Spirituality of Light & Love.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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