A Madness Manifesto

I am going to step out on the proverbial limb here and express a very controversial opinion about the current state of affairs in our world. Consider it a psycho-political analysis if you will, but by all means please at least consider it. You can then decide for yourself whether the post itself, or what the post exposes is “madness.”

Commercialism is out of control. It has managed to confuse our collective and individual consciousnesses to the degree that THEY are now able to override common sense and rationality to sell us whatever they wish.

Consider the food and healthcare sectors. Have you ever noticed that THEY profit from selling us “foods” that are toxic, and then garnish even higher profits from the medical treatments for the ailments created by the pseudo-foods they sold us? Even more ridiculous is the fact that the treatments they sell us are typically ineffective, or worse, they cause even more ailments for which another treatment can then be prescribed.

Have you ever really listened to a television drug commercial?!?

And so it goes; the cycle of madness and profits. The media confuses us, entertainments bewilder us, “foods” fatten and infect us as another corporate exec buys a private jet, or takes a several million-dollar severance package.

What is wrong with us that we allow this to continue? Are we so far “down the rabbit hole” that it is too late to recover?

No. It is not over, and THEY have not yet won (although they have been winning). There is a growing movement of unrest and awakening within politics, religion, medicine, economics, and many other fields that is pushing for transparency and intervention.

Words like “integrative,” “holistic,” and “minimalist” are gaining momentum as people re-assess what we are doing and where we are headed. The “great deception” created by the commercialists is finally being exposed on a global level, and a “new paradigm” of awakening is emerging. Fortunately, THEY have gone too far and their greed will be THEIR undoing.

What then can we do? How are we to proceed with this knowledge? My thoughts are these:

First, consider your own personal situation and condition. Where do you fall within the “great deception” mentioned above? Have you been asleep? Are you now awake?

Next, consider how you might begin to re-order your life in a way that does not support and/or proliferate the “great deception” and how you might help usher in the “new paradigm.” YOU decide where you will invest your money, what you will watch or listen to, and what you will put into your body.

Finally, consider ways to help others come to an understanding of the “great deception” and work together with them in becoming liberated and empowered to choose the healthiest options. Form friendships around this “new paradigm,” and bring the purity and beauty of holism into your families and communities.

Very well. Now decide for yourself if what is being shared here resonates as truth for you and what, if anything, you might begin to consider and do differently. Contrary to how THEY operate (manipulation/compulsion), with me the choice is ALWAYS yours to reject or accept/apply anything I might share as you continue your personal “journey to wholeness” in pursuit of the “integrated life.”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

3 thoughts on “A Madness Manifesto

  1. These words resound in my head. I agree that we need to be cautious and verify and check our selves this world has become so commercialized we as consumers and good stewards of God’s world.


  2. The madness is in the restaurant industry also. Look at a menu in a typical American restaurant and you can hardly find a wholesome meal.

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