A Psychology of LOVE

I begin writing these posts with some psychotherapeutic idea in mind that I hope will contribute to the reader’s overall psychological health and wellbeing. However, once I enter into the flow of writing there is sometimes no way of knowing where things might end up. 🙂

This is true of my last post, which began as a desire to discuss how LOVE integrates and heals psychologically, but ended up as a deep theosophological (theological, philosophical, psychological) discussion about the nature of LOVE itself.

All well and good. I actually really enjoyed writing and re-reading the last post in that I feel it contains a powerful secret to living, and living well. That secret is this: When LOVE becomes our “theory of everything,” our lives are literally transformed. In this post I will discuss how that can happen from a psychological perspective.

I have personally been inviting LOVE to be my own “theory of everything.” This means that I want LOVE to be my primary motivation as well as my “go to” emotion. I seek to awaken in love with God and creation. I seek to treat myself and others with authentic compassion. I try to guide my choices and actions based upon what would be the most loving option.

If we think about this from a psychological point of view we might say that I am applying “choice theory” to create a “mindset” that allows me to “frame” my ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving in a manner that I believe will guide me to my highest and best self and life.

Consider the following ways that LOVE can serve as a psychological intervention and strategy:

1) A mindset of LOVE can foster homeostasis in the physical body, which can improve immunity, metabolism, and overall systemic balance and stability.

2) We then feel a sense of peace and balance, and we are confident that we are living under a very high principle. That assurance encourages us to choose what is most congruent and authentic in our lives.

3) These choices can then lead to more successful interactions within relationships and social connections. We learn to act towards others more kindly, and we “take it in stride” when others let us down or hurt us.

4) All of this contributes to an overall sense of satisfaction and harmony in our lives as we continue to grow in the strength and wisdom of LOVE.

This then becomes our Psychology of Love that can provide an incredibly basic and direct path to wellbeing and fulfillment. There will be no more need for Top Five or Ten Strategies lists to try to remember, no more memes or apps to download, and no more “gurus,” “conversions” or “church hopping” to endure. You will only need to devote your life to the mastery of one mantra and one practice:

LOVE: the simplest, yet the most profound force in the Universe.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik


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