In honor of the Valentine’s Season I have wanted to offer a post about LOVE, and as I settle now into the space of doing so a pair of doves are perched outside my window. Irony? Synchronicity? Serendipity? 🙂

LOVE: we have all heard the word and its message time and again, and yet the world remains in desperate need of it, and people still seem to struggle to fully understand it.

Materialists tend to reduce love to a series of biological processes that simply occur in response to varying stimuli. For them, love is a consequence of biochemical interfaces occurring randomly in a sea of swirling elemental collisions.

Mentalists often intellectualize love and relegate it to mere attempts at “wish fulfillment” of latent wants and needs. They say that love is something we create as a defense against the harsh and cruel realities of life, or that it is ultimately a projection of our own internal conflicts.

Religionists often philosophize love to the point that we can end up somewhere having forgotten where we even began. We are left with concepts that are “so heavenly bound as to be of little earthly good.”

So, what would an Integrationalist do with the concept of love? You guessed it: Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis.

Love is physical, mental, and spiritual; and each of these views offer us a nuance that is useful in understanding what love is, and how it operates. In this way love has value to body, mind, and Soul. We can make-love, feel love, and share love; and it is “all good.”

However, let me throw one more “-ist” word into the mix with hopes of taking this love-thing to an even higher level. Let us consider what a Transcendentalist might offer regarding the nature and application of love.

Have you ever considered that LOVE might actually be an energy and a force? Could it  actually be something primeval, active, and purposeful in our universe? What if the chemicals, feelings, and concepts are merely results of the active principle of an underlying essence of existence?

Think about it, we accept as reality forces like magnetism that we cannot see, and we make use of sources like light that we cannot yet fully explain. And yes, I think we all know that we engage and experience love whether we understand it or not.

So, what am I really trying to say about LOVE? What is the point of the diatribe?

The first point I hope to make about LOVE is this: LOVE was, is, and ever shall be; and it is the foundation, the substance, and the solution men seek and the world so desperately needs.

LOVE is the true “Theory of Everything.”

However, theories are only as good as their application. Hence, the second point I wish to make about love is that it needs to become more of a verb and less a noun in our daily lives. We can teach it and preach it, but we will never reach it until we all allow it to live and have its being within us and find expression through us.

My hope and purpose for this post is that LOVE will be resurrected from the tomb of cliché, and that it will be restored as a foundational guiding principle and practice within our daily lives. May it permeate our physical, psychological, and spiritual lives to such a degree that we might finally understand how something so simple can provide every solution to all that we have made so complex.

A quote from Words that Heal:

“We were created in LOVE, to be LOVED, and to give LOVE. This is our common purpose, our eternal essence, and our ultimate destination. Let LOVE reign today, and everyday!”

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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