Happy(!) New Year

For some reason 2015 has been a particularly strange and troublesome year. I have personally experienced and have co-journeyed with many through a rather unusual amount of mishaps, abuses, and losses to the degree that I often threw up my hands and appealed to Heaven with a WTH?!?

It has also been a very rough year for society at large. There have been so many acts of violence that have implanted so much fear, and there is a growing awareness and sense of the volatility that exists within our systems. Critical mass is not a good feeling.

Friends, it would be so easy to adopt an attitude of fatalism in the midst of current events. Old religious paradigms that assign it all to a curse, and prophesies that it is all damned to destruction begin to seem more feasible. Going “off the grid” also becomes a more attractive prospect.

However, what if these beliefs and teachings are all wrong and stem from our deepest fears rather than from our highest hopes? Could it be that the outlook above is fueled by a regression to our lower natures caused by the pressures of a world on the brink?

A radical notion: What if everything is just as is it supposed to be? What if humanity were to be right on schedule regarding its evolutionary process? What if all that we perceive as negative is ultimately working to bring about the highest positive?

So, I have managed to walk us into a paradox – another articulation of duality. A conundrum, or as many of you have heard me say, more ambivalence. 🙂

And what do we do with thesis and antithesis? Ah, you guessed it: We create SYNTHESIS! We INTEGRATE. Let’s try it here:

It is quite clear and very true that much of what is happening is indeed very bad, and we cannot just brush it aside with “white light and bunnies” or “unicorns and glitter.” The truth is that much of it is just plain horrible, and it is not to be easily whisked away with “The Secret.”

However, we can also not give in to despair and blame it all on some mythological “Garden Narrative.” We cannot just give up and withdraw, which would be equally irresponsible and denial based.

By the way, what does any of this have to do with a “Happy(!) New Year? 🙂 I am SO glad you asked.

2016 is our chance to lay 2015 to rest and to carry forward only positive memories and lessons learned from this very strange year. It is also a new opportunity for each of us to proceed with creating healthier individual lives, and a more enlightened collective society. While we cannot deny or condone the negativity of our situations, we do well to embrace hope as a positive force to carry us through and enable us to continue healing the ills that plague our struggling world.

Neither “reclusive despair” nor “evasive positivity” hold the solution to the creation of better years ahead. For that we will need to draw upon an “integrated optimism” that harnesses hope as the impetus to drive us to “active engagement” in creating change.

I wish each of you a wonderful New Year’s eve and day, and I pray that your 2016 presents many amazing opportunities for personal health and happiness. I also offer a prayer and an intention that we might all collectively continue to work together to bring peace and healing to our world.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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