Happy(?) Holidays

Get ready folks, here it comes! The whirlwind season is already upon us, and in just a few short days we will enter The Holidays.

For many the coming weeks will be a time of great joy and celebration, but we must also consider that for others this can be a season that triggers sadness, anxiety, loss, and fear:

– John will awaken to his 10th Christmas completely alone because his anxiety holds him captive to his apartment.

– Jane will experience her first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her beloved Mother who passed away this year.

– Robert doesn’t want to go to the family gathering because he and his brother Mike never settled the dispute that has affected their relationship for years.

– Susan will battle nightmares and panic attacks related to childhood abuse that worsened during the Holidays.

The examples could go on-and-on. The point is that there is an entire segment of our population for whom these coming days will most likely NOT be filled with happiness and cheer.

However, they can be filled with GOODWILL, and here is how:

I want to ask that those who experience the Holidays positively make it a point to purposefully and deliberately reach out to someone who will struggle this season. Support them, encourage them, and LOVE them. This means more than just including them on your “gift list.” It means doing what you can to bring light and healing to one in need, and to hopefully make this Holiday the one that breaks the chains that have held too many for too long.

Trust me when I tell you that there will be no better gift that you can give yourself this Holiday Season than the gifts of LOVE that you will offer to others. Also, know that deeds such as these never return to us empty. As the old spiritual hymn states, they will return to us “pressed down, shaken together, and “running over.”

Let us be mindful and offer hope to those who will struggle this Holiday Season, and may we experience the beauty and joy of acts of kindness and love. After all, isn’t that the true message of the One we honor during this season?


Dr. Mik

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