People are burning out all around us. Every day we see example after example of the impact our modern ways of living are having upon bodies, minds, and Souls.

Many folks crawl out of bed in the morning, stagger to the shower, turn on the devices, caffeine and carb up, run out the door, sit in traffic, work, take lunch at the desk, work, sit in traffic, hit the fast-food restaurant, get home and CRASH.

And then, they do it again – and again – and again.

Then one day, something happens. Something breaks. The “business as usual” routine is interrupted and movement comes to a halt. We attribute it to some external illness when in fact it is very often the result of an internal state of dis-ease.

Society needs an intervention. The madness must stop! But will it?

We cannot wait for change, we must create change. Let that change begin with one that affects two, and so on, and let that one be each and every one of us. But how?

My prescription would be that we move away from self-indulgence in favor of SELF-CARE. Rather than consume, let us learn how to once again RECEIVE of the love and beauty that surrounds us. Let us return to that which is pure and natural. We can do this with the foods we eat, the work we engage, the relationships we cultivate, and the activities we choose.

The basis of this way of living is what we call SELF-CARE, which is an approach to life that is based upon the wisdom that we can only give of what we have first received. If we do not first possess, it is not ours to give. A dry well is simply a hole in the ground.

I want to ask each of you to realize that self-care is NOT selfish. What we do or fail to do for ourselves directly impacts our ability to be there for others. If we burn out we can no longer provide light to those we love and serve.

I have a saying in my Practice: “I am my first Patient.” What I mean by this is that I must first be sure that I am attending to my own body, mind, and Soul before I believe that I am fit to provide to the minds, bodies, and Souls of others. The greatest gifts that I can give to others is my ability to be present to them, and if I do not take care of myself, I will quite simply not be present.

Here are a few “quick-tips” for developing a healthy Self-Care regimen:

– Sleep no less than six, but no more than eight hours per night
– Begin each day with a time of Prayer/Meditation
– Take balanced physical exercise daily
– Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
– Receive sunlight and fresh air as often as possible
– Eat naturally, selectively, and moderately
– Think compassionate thoughts and speak kind words
– Seek experiences and memories over luxuries and possessions
– Celebrate the gift of life. Relax and enjoy love, peace, and beauty
– Encourage and empower others, but respect their sovereignty and personal responsibilities
– End each day with a time of Prayer/Reflection

Of course, these are simply some basic building blocks that can help get you started with developing your own “Rhythm of Life” through which you can thrive each and every day.

I wish you all “all the best” with making Self-Care your very first level of care. Never forget that by doing for yourself, you ARE doing for others, and when you are at your best, you can give your best.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

One thought on “Self-Care

  1. This topic hits home for me. It is so important to take care of yourself. Especially when other people depend on you for their care. If you don’t practice self care your life is always be filled with aches and pains. Release your in-ambitions and go for the gold it can only help you to be better.
    Thank you
    Many blessings.


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