Onward and Upward!

As many of you know, I have wanted to utilize this Blog to first articulate the corpus of my work (An Integrated Paradigm for Coaching, Counseling, and Psychotherapy). As I look back through the posts I am happy to see that I am able to say, “Mission accomplished!”

It has been very fulfilling for me to have been able to bring my research, practice, and experience to you via this medium, and I hope that your lives have been greatly enriched by it.

My greatest joy through this process has been watching several of you getting to know The Pardigm very astutely and applying it to your lives very deeply. As the saying goes: “the proof is in the pudding,” and I have been honored to have watched as the approach and its components have transformed lives. I live for this!

So, where do we go from here?

Many of you know some of my “Dr. Mik-isms” like “PMTF” (Pray, Meditate, Think, and Feel), “The Therapeutic Lifestyle,” and my sign-off “Be Well!.” Some of you may have also heard my parting phrase “Onward and upward!” (i.e., “Keep going!”) as you have left the office and stepped back into that “crazy world out there.”

I believe that is where we should now go with the Blog. We should keep going, dealing with challenges and issues as they arise, and discussing the pertinent psychological issues of life and of the times.

Therefore, please continue to “tune in” as I go a bit more freestyle with the subject matter, content, and writing style. We will now apply the theoretical to the practical.

Be Well!
Dr. Mik

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