Has anyone every told you that “life is hard?” Well, it is, and I am aware that you do not need me to help you understand that. Life does a very good job all its own of introducing and reinforcing this reality.

However, while the phrase is useful for reconciling certain realities of existence, it is not intended to serve as our “perennial philosophy” of life. For this we turn to the dynamic/stage of Resilience.

Between the questions of “how we got here,” and “where we are going” stands the reality of “what we are going to do while we are here.” While some try to find meaning in the past, and others seek a guiding light from the future, we ALL must face the truth that we are here, now, and that now is the time to do something about it. This “something” is to live, and to live well.

This calls us to the concept of Resilience, which I will operationally define as “a sense of determination and endurance that carries us beyond temporary circumstances to ultimate accomplishment.”  Some synonyms might include, grit, resolve, and my favorite: stick-to-it-iveness (yes, dear Grammarphiles, it is in the dictionary).

Examples of Resilience are all around us: A newborn baby who demands her first breath; a child who overcomes a disability; a teen who dares to be different, a mother who works in and out of the house; an elderly person who endures the pains of aging.

Life most certainly calls us to task, and we each face the challenges that come with enduring and ultimately prevailing. No one escapes these realities (though many try).  Hence, Resilience is not an option, but a requirement. We enjoy, we suffer; we laugh, we cry; we win, we lose, but eventually we “rise above” and attain our well-earned victory.

Keep going, dear friends. Fight the good fight. Although there will certainly be some dark nights, the sun always rises in the morning.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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