Strength is very good; intelligence is also very good; but they are of little use to us if we do not know how to adapt to the only constant in the universe: Change.

Life ebbs and flows between positive, neutral, and negative experiences. This is a fact that we do well to learn and accept as soon as possible in our development. Failure to do so leads only to deeper struggle and repeated hardship. When we expect only positives we are constantly disappointed, only neutral and we become numb, only negative and we experience ongoing states of depression.

To be fully alive is to have experienced the full range of feelings and experiences that exist upon this continuum. “To everything there is a season.”

Adaptability speaks to this situation by guiding us to a place of acceptance of the reality of change, and by giving us the mindset to be able to “roll with the punches” in order to ultimately attain to victory. Yes, the positive can and ought to win in the end, but it takes courage and ability to get there. Adaptability is this courage and ability.

Consider a single day in your life. Can you honestly say that it was 100% positive, neutral, or negative? I highly doubt it. Each day is its own mix of happenings and choices that will affect our thoughts and feelings from moment to moment, hour to hour.

It is here that I can introduce a little twist on the philosophy and take it higher. Allow me to show you how we can “default to the positive” and ultimately transcend the “positive, neutral, negative” paradigm discussed above.

When we achieve the stage and practice the dynamic of Adaptability, we are less reactive to the shifting sands of life, but choose to remain on the path to maximizing each and every experience. If it is positive I can enjoy it and experience gratitude. If it is neutral I can remain still and take a few moments of rest. If it is negative I can learn new lessons and be thankful to be able to emerge from it. In this way we truly do “adapt and overcome.”

I offer continued encouragement to each of you as you continue to walk with me on this second (cognitive) segment of The Journey to Wholeness (Affective/Cognitive Integration), and I hope that Authenticity, Actualization, and Adaptability are having significant impact upon your personal life experience.

I leave you with a quote from The Integrated Life:

“In everything there is purpose, in each “happening” a new opportunity, and in every “encounter” a new possibility.” ~ Dr. Mik Ludwig

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

2 thoughts on “Adaptability

  1. Reminds me of the song from the Birds back in the 60’s late 70’s “to everything turns, turns there is a reason, turn , turn for every purpose in the heavens.” It is also very biblical and is truth. So standing of what you is know is truth goes along way. Blessings Dr. Mik

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