I am sure nearly all of us can recall a time when we experienced an “Aha!” moment, that is, one of those times when the proverbial “light-bulb” flashed on and cast light upon a new understanding or idea. In psychotherapy, these experiences are usually discussed under the heading of “insight,” and I actually like this word very much and feel it is very apropos to the situation of seeking “sight” (with)”in.”

That said, I have always felt there is another word that can capture this process and the resultant experiences that carries even more descriptive power. That word is Revelation

When we speak of Revelation in the context of psychotherapy, we are capture the essence of what can result from the previous stages of Surrender, Co-journey, and especially Release (see previous Blog entries). As we accept the need and co-operate with the process (Surrender), work closely with our Professional Helper (Co-journey), and talk openly about our deepest experiences (Release), something very significant begins to happen. We begin to make connections between past experiences and our current situations. These connections lead to new understandings, which can lead to new ways of thinking and feeling about said experiences/situations.

It is here that we begin to see the greater capacity for healing and integration that can be achieved via what seems to be simply talking, but is in reality so much more. Granted talking is the means through which the work takes place, but the work itself is found with the very refined details of the Integrated Dynamics wherein Revelation plays a significant role.

We know we are encountering Revelation when we remember vividly something we once thought was insignificant, when we discover cause and effect life dynamics, and when we say to ourselves “Why didn’t I make that connection before?” As a Therapist I will tell you that watching Revelation unfold within a Patient’s process is one of the most fulfilling parts of the work. I am so happy when I get to be there to witness these eye opening, consciousness raising, and life changing experiences.

Oh, but there is more! What we do with these Revelations is equally dynamic and powerful, and that will be the topic of my next post which will address the Integrated Dynamic of Renewal.

Until then, I leave you with a quote about Revelation from my coming book Words that Heal:  

When we learn to gently turn our “critical eyes” back upon ourselves, we begin to open the truth of who we really are, and we discover a pathway to who we would like to become.”

Be Well,

Dr. Mik

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