A Useful Outline/Narrative

Today’s research has led me to create what I believe to be a useful outline of An Integrated Approach to Coaching, Counseling, and Psychotherapy. I thought my readers might appreciate seeing how all of these concepts and interventions fit together:

An Integrated Life
Integrated Psychological Health & Wellbeing
Affective/Cognitive Integration
The Therapeutic Lifestyle
Integrated Dynamics & Stages
An Integrated Paradigm
The Journey to Wholeness

 In narrative form we might think of it this way:

“The Journey to Wholeness is the pathway to an Integrated Life that utilizes an approach outlined within an Integrated Paradigm to guide a process of Affective/Cognitive Integration capable of leading one to a state of Integrated Psychological Health & Wellbeing.”

Finally, we might simplify like this:

“Something in our lives (a situation/event) sets us upon the Journey to Wholeness where we may come to engage a process (coaching, counseling, psychotherapy) guided by an Integrated Paradigm. Here we are given the opportunity to experience Affective/Cognitive (feeling/thinking) Integration (healing), which guides us towards Integrated Psychological Health & Wellbeing. We then come to know and experience the peace and balance of The Integrated Life.”

Very good. We can now continue with our individual study of the Integrated Dynamics (Surrender, Co-journey, Release, Revelation, Renewal, Authenticity, Actualization, Adaptability, Resilience, Transcendence) of the aforementioned Integrative Paradigm. We are currently focused upon “Release.”

Till next time . . .

Be Well,

Dr. Mik

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