The Therapeutic Lifestyle

In 2005, I coined the term “Therapeutic Lifestyle” as a means of describing what it would “look like” if we learned to make cognitive and emotional well-being an “all the time” endeavor. I would like to focus this entry upon this concept specifically in that it is highly essential for understanding the discussions that will follow. Additionally, I have found that this concept truly resonates with those with whom I share it, and I have experienced significant results both personally and professionally with it.

Essentially, the “Therapeutic Lifestyle” is an approach to life that is constantly seeking opportunities to know and grow as a complete human being (body, mind, and soul). This means that we can learn to live our lives in ways that focuses upon health and wellness, which in turn enables us to experience peace and contentment within our lives, while also rendering ourselves more fit to care for and serve others.

We begin by “care-fronting” (not confronting) ourselves by taking a realistic and honest look at “where we are.” We each ask ourselves a series of questions:

“How am I doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

“Am I where I want to be in these areas?”

“Am I healthy?”

“Am I happy?”

We then take these assessments and consider what we might do to improve the areas that may be lacking, or within which we may be struggling. Finally, we engage a process of addressing these issues and making improvements via means such as physical diet and exercise, psychological insight and healing, and spiritual mindfulness and expression. We are also wise to engage various professionals who are educated and trained to guide and assist us in these areas (i.e., Trainers, Therapists, Ministers).

Very well! I hope that this brief discussion has sparked your interest in adopting the “Therapeutic Lifestyle” as a way of life, and that you will be deeply encouraged and enriched by it. We are not wrong to give ourselves higher priority in our lives. In fact, it is one of the wisest things we can do, for if we are not healthy and well, how will we be able to help and serve others?

Please make your own well-being a “first priority,” and then share that goodness with those who have been entrusted to you.

“Live it, then give it.”

Be Well,

Dr. Mik 

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