My Approach

For the past ten years I have been defining and refining my Treatment Philosophy as a means of framing and directing my research and practice within applied psychology. During that time, I have studied and trained within multiple theories and models of coaching, counseling and psychotherapy, and I have emerged with an orientation that might best be described as Integrated. The Treatment Philosophy proper will explain this clearly and is presented here:

“I approach coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy as processes of self-discovery that are intended to lead to deep insight, focused clarity, and significant personal transformation.

In order to facilitate these dynamics, I optimally employ only the most POTENT, PROVEN, and PRUDENT theories and interventions that are contained within the established schools of applied psychology (i.e., Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Existential, Social, etc.).

I also remain open to theories and concepts from other fields of knowledge (Neuroscience, Medicine) and wisdom (Philosophy, Theology) in order to maintain a full and comprehensive view of the complexities of the human person and the multifarious situations and challenges we face.

Ultimately, my goal is to guide my Clients and Patients in living a “therapeutic lifestyle” via “affective/cognitive integration” so that they might come to experience “integrated psychological health and well-being.”

This philosophy is articulated in detail via what I call An Integrated Paradigm for Coaching, Counseling, and Psychotherapy, which can be seen on the Publications page of this site.

I would like to begin a series of blog entries that will focus upon the concepts of affective/cognitive integration via a detailed articulation of the concepts themselves, as well as a specific examination of each of the Dynamics presented within the center circle of the paradigm.

Hence, I invite you to enjoy some of what I share in my books, Journey to Wholeness: Integrated Perspectives on Emotional Health and Well-being, and The Integrated Life: Pathways to Empowerment, Achievement & Ultimate Fulfillment.

Be Well,

Dr. Mik

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