Integrated Dynamics

I thank my readers for “hanging in there” with me as I laid the groundwork for a deeper discussion of the Integrated Dynamics. I understand that the preceding entries may have been a bit technical and theoretical, but I believe that you will now find that there will be a pleasant shift towards the more practical applications of an Integrated Approach to therapy and to life.

The Integrated Dynamics are located within the core of the Integrated Paradigm for a very important reason. They ARE the core attributes and steps towards Integrated Psychological Health & Wellbeing via the Therapeutic Lifestyle that seeks Affective/Cognitive Integration. As I have said previously, the Dynamics are where the “rubber meets the road, and they can provide us with very focused understandings and an actual means of walking the Journey to Wholeness and achieving theIntegrated Life.

Through these Dynamics, we can come to experience growth and change on a very precise and deep level. This is possible because each dynamic targets a very specific positive and desirable psychological attribute, which means that we can work very specifically within that area to seek understanding and growth.

It may be helpful at this point to list the Dynamics themselves. Please note that they are divided into two sets of five, the first set targeting Affective Integration, the second set Cognitive Integration. Please also note that the list is presented in “top-down” form, meaning that they are approached from the “bottom-up.”

The Integrated Dynamics are:



As I first began working with these attributes in treatment I discovered that not only did they function wonderfully as therapeutic targets, they also seemed to unfold as a kind of stage theory, that is, a means of step-wise progression through which each Dynamic built upon another. Therefore, the Dynamics have also found use as Stages that define and guide the Journey to Wholeness.

We are now ready to begin looking at each of the Integrated Dynamics in unique detail. For now, why not take a moment to review the list presented above and consider that these words mean to YOU? Do any of them particularly “strike a chord” with you? What feelings and/or thoughts do you experience with each of them? Are you able to see both the “small picture” of each individual dynamic, as well as the “big picture” of how they combine to become a whole process?

Join me next time where we will discuss an intriguing and sometimes paradoxical dynamic known asSurrender.

Be Well!

Dr. Mik

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